Texas Holdem MicroLimit Strategy

In some games, the limits are so low that you will see a large number of callers preflop. In addition, many will call you all the way down to the river, especially in limit games. Here are a few ways to succeed.

The basic idea is that you need a better hand to win, so your drawing hands become stronger. In loose games such as these, the following holds true:

While you should be playing a bit looser pre-flop, remain tight post-flop. If you are on a flush draw and don't receive any help, don't stick around with middle-pair. You won't survive.

Remember that your pretty-looking hands like AQo, KQo, AJo, etc will go down in value because your top-pairs with a good kicker just don't hold up as well.

Good luck, and don't get too stressed out when the river takes down your aces :)